Jahid Apu

Bangladesh | B. 1997

Jahid Apu likes to leave Dhaka (Bangladesh), where he lives, and set out to discover the “essence of life”. Freelance photographer, self-taught, he is passionate about exploring and studying different human experiences, witnessing cultural diversity and documenting its manifestations of color. “The Red Queen”, the photograph that won him the Public Award at the 1st IN COLORS PROJECT, shows that he knows how to reach his destination.
If there is any way to establish a bridge between photography and programming, the author's background, it will be through metaphor – Jahid Apu is attentive to the infinite codes of life, the most complex system. This attention and the talent, with which he has earned distinctions, allow him to assume what he wishes: to share with us, through photography, what he can see and experience.

Photo by Jahid Apu



You are young. As a photographer, what are your goals?

There are many possible answers... But my goal is to get people to see what I see. It is as simple as that. And yet so desperately tricky. What I seek is to provide a creative perspective of my work that makes the viewer get lost in the photograph and in thoughts. I do not take pride in work that someone looks at and says, “wow, pretty picture...” and moves on. For me, success is achieved when I catch the person off guard, drawing emotions, or when someone comes to me to tell me what the photograph brings to mind. If someone can look at one of my photographs and know what it is, how I felt about it, or even feel the same way, then I have achieved success.

How did this passion for photography begin?

When I started seeing things. Not just looking, but seeing. And when I started seeing things, I started loving what I saw. So, I wanted to represent them and preserve them less fleetingly.

You studied computer science. Do you work in this field or are you dedicated to photography?

I am a programmer who loves photography too. But I think I'd rather follow my passion and become a professional photographer.


Public Award, In Colors Project – REACT! by Lumicroma, Portugal
Grand Prix Photo de Saint Tropez, France
Sustainable Development Goals Photo Award, Bangladesh

Gump International Photo Contest, Hong kong
World Photography Awards, North America
SPIE International photo contest, USA
UNESCO Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads International photo contest, France
In Colors Project – REACT! by Lumicroma, Portugal

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React! is a portrait of the human condition and the perception of the world, showing different speeds, multiple realities, encounters and inequalities, so many reactions.

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React! is a portrait of the human condition and the perception of the world, showing different speeds, multiple realities, encounters and inequalities, so many reactions.

The broadness to which the theme is open is represented in this set of 50 artworks by photographers from 22 nationalities. React! to what, from what perspective? The possibility of endless interpretations is mirrored in an exhibition in which the reaction is as much in the photographed "scene" itself as in the impression of the person who photographed it, and also, and always, in the eye of the person who appreciates the photograph.
In this realm, there is the image of time and place, of many places and many qualities of time. There is the beauty of moments, spaces, cultures and traditions. There is a whole scale of emotions. There is the poetry of landscapes and the destruction wrought by war. There is fantasy in improbable scenarios. There are global concerns, personal instances. Sometimes the weight of existence; sometimes the lightness of laughter in the face of death. 
There remains, still, the certainty of a kaleidoscopic world, in permanent change, so that stories repeat themselves. Because man repeats himself. The continuity of life is also maintained. It is in the faces of many. It is in the colors. It is in the light of black and white. It is in the instinct. In the will. In what is lost, in what is conquered. Ler Menos
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