Musa Talasli

Turkey | B. 1976

A native of Gürpınar, in the district of Van, near the border with Iran, Musa Talaşlı has distinguished work in several countries. With "Colors," a photograph that refers to the snowy mountains of his region and Kurdish traditions, he received the IN COLORS PROJECT 2021-22 Award.
Nature, human heritage and portraiture are themes he enjoys exploring, ranging from macro photography to landscape register, from black and white to the abundance of color.
Musa Talaşlı began studio photography in 1992. He worked at the same location for 19 years, until he decided to set up on his own. He is a professional, award-winning photographer, but also a family man. As he makes a point of introducing himself, he is married and has four children.

Photo by Musa Talaşlı

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React! is a portrait of the human condition and the perception of the world, showing different speeds, multiple realities, encounters and inequalities, so many reactions.

The broadness ... Ler Mais
React! is a portrait of the human condition and the perception of the world, showing different speeds, multiple realities, encounters and inequalities, so many reactions.

The broadness to which the theme is open is represented in this set of 50 artworks by photographers from 22 nationalities. React! to what, from what perspective? The possibility of endless interpretations is mirrored in an exhibition in which the reaction is as much in the photographed "scene" itself as in the impression of the person who photographed it, and also, and always, in the eye of the person who appreciates the photograph.
In this realm, there is the image of time and place, of many places and many qualities of time. There is the beauty of moments, spaces, cultures and traditions. There is a whole scale of emotions. There is the poetry of landscapes and the destruction wrought by war. There is fantasy in improbable scenarios. There are global concerns, personal instances. Sometimes the weight of existence; sometimes the lightness of laughter in the face of death. 
There remains, still, the certainty of a kaleidoscopic world, in permanent change, so that stories repeat themselves. Because man repeats himself. The continuity of life is also maintained. It is in the faces of many. It is in the colors. It is in the light of black and white. It is in the instinct. In the will. In what is lost, in what is conquered. Ler Menos
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In photography, what interests you most?

The people, how they live and what they express. "Colors," for example, brings us closer to a rural Kurdish community, shows the importance of clothing in their culture.

Does "Colors" belong to a project?

No, but it's an idea, who knows...

Anyway, it is a photo that is worth by itself.

It is the register of an ancient people from the Middle East, survivors, owners of very own traditions and living in harmony with nature.

You started photography at a very young age...

Yes. I started with studio photography. Then I decided to photograph nature, encouraged by some photographers specialized in this genre, and people. In terms of study, let's say I started with macro photography and today I dedicate myself mainly to the human being.


First Prize, In Colors Project – REACT! by Lumicroma, Portugal

Fırst Prıze, La Pedriza Photocontest “Natural And Mountaın Landscape” Category, Spaın

Fırst Prıze, ‘Climate Change PIX’ photo competition in “Climate change impacts on society” Category, European Environment Agency (EEA), Denmark

Second prize, "My Way is with You" Photography Contest by CRI Online, affiliated with China Media Group, China

Silver medal, Royal Society of Photography Zaragoza in the “Color” category, Spain

Third Prize, RPO Union of large families of the city of Moscow Photo Contest, Moscow - Russia
First Prize, A Grape Harvest Photography Contest, Scerni - Italy

UNESCO International Martial Arts Photo Contest, South Korea

First Prize, 10th Agriculture and Human Photography Contest, Turkey

Second Prize, HIPA - Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award in “Father and Son”category, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Honorable Mention, MOF 2015 ”İbrahim Zaman” 4th Internatıonal Photo Contest in “Color” category by GPU – Global Photographic Union, Mersin - Turkey

Gold Medal, Adana Rotary Club 12th International Photography Contest by FIAP, Adana - Turkey

Fırst Prıze, The Internatıonal Photographıc Contest wıth the theme “Lıvıng Together”, Busra - Turkey
First Prize, Bursa Foto Fest International Photography Competition, Bursa - Turkey
Historical buildings photography, Van - Turquia
In Colors Project – REACT! by Lumicroma, Portugal