Art in time of war


MAY, 2022

Lumicroma is against the invasion of Ukraine by the military forces of Russia and absolutely condemns the warmongering of President Putin. Lumicroma is not against Russian artists.

The IN COLORS PROJECT - React! exhibition includes artworks by three Russian photographers as well as a Ukrainian photographer. None of them were chosen for their nationality.
Anastasia Pinchuk (Ukraine), Yuri Pritisk, Serge Basil and Vladislav Shapovalov (Russia) are four of the 47 authors represented in this photography collective.

The first IN COLORS PROJECT Call for Proposals took place between December 2021 and January 2022.
Applications were received from 960 photographers, proposing a total of 5410 photographs.

The pre-selection of photos was underway when, in February, Ukraine was invaded.
At no time did the war interfere in the process of choosing the photographs.

Through the collected photos there are multiple compositions of reality, of many wars, before and after.
In a bucolic landscape of Mariupol, Anastasia Pinchuk retained a chord of happiness. Nothing made one fear the future.

In the glacial landscape of the Arctic, Yuri Pritisk warns about global warming, the human footprint, and the efforts of science.

In Idlib, Syria, Syrian photographer Mouneb Taim shows a children's theater among the rubble of bombed buildings.

In Tripoli, Lebanon, Portuguese photographer João Sousa recorded a Syrian boy trying to recover belongings in what remains of a refugee camp destroyed by arson.

The lingering consequences of armed conflicts and other aggressions against life and the environment are explicit or implicit in many other photographs. It is a matter of being willing to see it.

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