The world in thousands of photos


MAY, 2022

In the first edition, IN COLORS PROJECT diluted frontiers and gave us an image of the world composed of thousands of photographic records.

Focused on digital photography as "matter" of Art and Reflection, this Lumicroma anchor-initiative was presented to public in December 2021. Through an international call, an exhibition was announced to open in 2022.

Photographers of any nationality, professional and amateur, were challenged to propose artworks that fit the theme React!

At "first flight", the results exceeded expectations.

A total of 960 entries were successfully submitted, by just as many photographers.
The entries came from 79 countries.
A total of 5410 photographs were gathered.

The proposed theme was open to endless interpretations, and in a risky way it even dared to question where artistic photography begins and ends, or the place of art.

This is how it was intended: without limiting visions, React! rather allowed to explore an experiential and emotional territory where the impact of the message is worth as much or more than the distinction between aesthetics, styles, or photographic genres. And yet, because everything is subjective, it is art that communicates. 

The selection of the artworks that make up React! was made by an independent jury, composed by Carlos Cezanne, Henrique Silva, Hugo Lima, Ivo Guimarães, Maria João Cortesão, Paulo Pimenta and Rui Poças.

Each juror made their own assessment, without knowing the choices of their peers, and under their own interpretation of React!, which makes this exhibition an eclectic, global and deeply personal artistic, human and socio-cultural landscape.

With this edition, the IN COLORS PROJECT Award was instituted, given to one of the selected artworks. The Public Award and two Honorable Mentions are also given.
All distinctions will be announced after the close of voting for the Public Award. This way, it is intended not to influence the public's choices.

The IN COLORS PROJECT Award, with a monetary value of 3000 euros, is offered by Special Insurance and Boavista Mediação de Seguros, companies that from the beginning understood the purpose of Lumicroma. 

With all this, it is certain that at the end of 2022 the 2nd edition of IN COLORS PROJECT will begin.

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