In the Kurdish soul, by Musa Talaşlı


JULY, 2022

In "Color", the photograph that gave Musa Talaşlı the IN COLORS PROJECT Award, a scene from domestic life, common throughout the world, becomes majestic.
"Clothes drying in the sun" would be a caption as likely as it is reductive. In this image, the treatise of delicacy and resistance written in the snow is clear. The harsh landscape softens in the branches of the trees, the puddles of light, the trampled ground, and, yes, in the translucency of the hanging dresses, in their colors bringing blood and fire to the white surface.
In the immensity of mountains and details, we are still impelled to measure the distance between the thoughts of the woman and the girl, inscrutable. Not least because they are the central figures of what Musa Talaşlı wishes to share.

Let it be understood that the award-winning Turkish photographer, a native of the border region of Van, lets us digress. We can create stories, it doesn't matter: above them is the encounter with living history.
"Color" takes us to Kurdistan. To a people who, in both literal and figurative senses, have never let color die. From here, without daydreaming, we immerse ourselves in an ancient culture.
Resisting adversities and influences from neighboring peoples, the Kurds have managed to maintain their customs and traditions. Music, dance and clothing are identity elements commonly united.
Celebrating life, in harmony with nature, is perhaps one of the greatest assets of the Kurdish population. This vital energy is reflected in a calendar full of festivities, in which the Kiras-Fistan, colorful ceremonial dresses made of delicate fabrics from the Far East, are indispensable.

We can then rephrase the caption. Probably the clothes drying in the sun already knew the dance and the music by heart. Captured in a rural community, "Color" shows the preparations for an upcoming wedding. The Kiras-Fistan, washed and hung in the sun, could not be missed.
Musa Talaşlı, born in 1976, began his career as a studio photographer, dabbling in macro photography. Today he is interested in the close-ups of life, the way man shapes himself to nature, but detail does not leave his lens. It has been proven.

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