Around the sun

In 2019, Lumicroma gave expression to the project "Art-Therapy in the pedagogical empowerment of the caregiver of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)". At its base was the proposal to explore its alternative process of photographic development, ecological, heliographic and of immediate results.

lready validated in sessions with groups of different ages and the general public, the Lumicroma method translates into a plastic and sensorial work, appealing and pleasurable, of artistic expression and with therapeutic qualities.

The workshops for exploring this process of revelation are part of the offer made available in the Lumicroma Academy area, but do not form a program of continuous sessions of training and rehabilitation. A structured art-therapy work is only understandable (and honest) when aimed at a specific, previously identified group.

The intention is to recover the initial project for children with ASD and extend it to teenagers on the autism spectrum, however, without excluding other communities, particularly citizens with special needs or in situations of fragility (emotional, social or otherwise).