React! was the theme of the first edition of IN COLORS PROJECT. In a word, in the tone of a challenge, the manifesto of an initiative that is, by concept, reaction and inclusion was made public.

The possibility of different interpretations of the theme was intentional. There was no desire to condition visions. In this opening, and from an international call, the collective body of the exhibition IN COLORS PROJECT - React! emerged.

As it became clear, the theme could be almost anything - the existence of a place, the mark of time, a common circumstance, a personal condition; the manifestation of life, its absence, the noticed presence of things. In all cases, it proved to be an invitation to reflect on the reactive nature of the human being, be it the photographer or the person who appreciates his/her artwork.

React! in numbers
Applications received: 960
Nationalities represented: 79
Proposed photographs: 5410
Photographs selected for the exhibition: 50

Works for React! exhibition were chosen by an independent jury, composed of professionals associated with photography and artistic creation:

Carlos Cezanne - photographer, founder and editor of the "Attitude Interior Design" magazine
Henrique Silva - artist, university professor, founder of the Cerveira International Art Biennial
Hugo Lima - photographer, photography trainer, leader of photo expeditions
Ivo Guimarães - photographer, university professor
Maria João Cortesão - university professor, audiovisual communication
Paulo Pimenta - photographer, photojournalist at "Público" newspaper
Rui Poças - director of photography, with several distinctions in international film festivals

December 9, 2021 to January 20, 2022: call for proposals
May, 2022: public announcement of the selected works, inauguration of the Exhibition

Distinctions attributed (*)
IN COLORS PROJECT Award (**), for the photograph most voted by the jury.
Honorable Mentions, to the second and third photographs with most votes from the jury. 
Public Award, for the work with most votes from the public.

(*) The announcement of the awarded artworks will be made after the closing of the open voting for the Public Award. The aim is not to influence the public's choice.

(**) The IN COLORS PROJECT Award thas a pecuniary value of 3.000€. It is kindly offered by Special Insurance and Boavista Mediação de Seguros, Lumicroma's partners.