IN COLORS PROJECT started from the reflection on the democratization of photography and, on the other hand, the banalization resulting either from its copious sharing on social networks, or from the addiction of registering all moments (swallowed, not experienced). 

From here arose the search for a balance, that is, the possibility of praising artistic photography without rejecting the anonymous talent that emerges from the public and, simultaneously, the act of photographing as an absolute participation in the moment (not swallowed, experienced).

It also resulted, inevitably, from the experience of pandemic and the need to create market opportunities for photographers, more and less known.

As a result of these circumstances, it presents itself as a manifestation of life and reaction, a space of convergence and contrast. 

It allows us to approach reality in a lucid way, without ignoring the pains of our times, and inspiring, without denying the celebration of beauty. In other words, it is understood as a social catalyst, as a space for reflection, critical and political, but also as territory given over to pure ecstasy.

By all expressions, IN COLORS PROJECT underlines the importance of photography also as an artistic and documentary piece, the personal and collective mark of the world we live in and create.

Associated to the concept is the importance of color as an element of contextualization and communication.
Color instigates and translates emotions, is therapeutic and liberating, is culture and identity of peoples and places, is differentiating and unifying. And it can be more, sometimes be everything, when absent, latent in a black and white register.